Thursday, May 17, 2007

new post

I have not posted in a while, and it feels rather funny. I have been too busy. But, I don't know if anyone has read in a while either, so I don't feel too bad, haha.
This post won't be very long, because what I am really doing is trying to relax this evening. The yard will wait, the grocery shopping will wait. The house is clean, and the cats are played with and happy. Tiffy has escaped outside at least a dozen times in two days. I cannot open the door without him getting out, even if I kick at him. He hissed at the neighbor because she was in his way, and I am pretty close to letting him escape and not chasing him anymore.
If I have time on Sunday, I will post a bunch of pictures. The house is looking nice, and the yard is slowly coming along. I would like to do more yard work and less mowing, but the grass seems to grow 2 or 3 inches every day!
I have also learned, or rather re-learned, some things about prayer that I would like to share. But, that is for another day. Happy weekend to you all.