Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pressed Down...

In Luke's Gospel, it says "Give and it shall be given unto you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, shall men give unto your bosom".
My whole life, I heard that, and forgive me, but I did not understand it, never actually read it, and in fact, like most people (it turns out) thought that it said "shall I" or "shall God" or something like that. When my pastor read that, and had it up in large print on the screen, you should have heard the people, including myself, gasp.
I also, did not know what in the world, "pressed down, shaken together, running over" meant. I heard it, and it sounded so foreign to me. When I heard "shaken" I always thought of 007, and his stinking martini that wasn't stirred. I was too embarrassed to ask, for I figured that everyone else probably knew what it meant. I asked God recently to help me understand.
I was repeating the verse to myself, pondering, when I got the picture. "pressed down"- like brown sugar in a cup, leaving no room for air; "shaken together"- like finely sifted flour that you tap tap tap, to again, get the air out and have a perfect measure; and "running over" filling the cup so much that it over flows, knowing again that there is no room left.
And the great thing about "running over" is that our measure spills over into the lives of those around us.
If one reads "Retire Young..." you would see that one of the biggest principles to becoming rich, both financially and otherwise, is to work for free, to give and give and give. The Bible says it over and over again, in many different ways. It talks about how a man who is generous reaps more and more blessings, but a man who keeps everything, loses it, or has to work harder and harder to get it, fretting about where his next penny will come from.
Its so great to be on the winning side, to have the Great Provider, and to know that seeking His kingdom first is all that I need.

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