Friday, March 30, 2007

The Mouse and The Wasp

I currently work at a daycare. In my room, I have 8 "mobiles", children from ages 9 months to 13 months, who crawl or walk a little. Two days ago, while I had four of them sleeping, and was rocking a fifth to sleep, while the other 3 played at my feet, a little field mouse scampered under the door from the hall way. This was the third day in a row he had come out of hiding, every morning before the kids arrive, he would come out and get chased around until someone thought he was gone. I was getting tired of the shrieking, and the people standing on tables. I had almost caught him twice already, with my hands, but he had been scared off by crazy women with brooms. This time, I took control. I handed the awake children to another teacher, and they packed all the kids in a crib. I chased the mouse into the closet, and shut myself in with a towel under the door and a bucket and dust pan in my hand. (this, of course, was after I got the others to stop chasing it around the room with brooms again). Upon closer inspection, the little guy had a broken tail and several missing whiskers. I scooped him up (after he tried to run up the inside of my pant leg, hehe) and took him out side for a short flight across a small creek. He looked so cute with his little legs spread out as he sailed through the air to his new, hopefully permanent, home. It is now known that Miss Lisa can be called upon to catch mice, kill spiders, remove snakes, and leap tall buildings.
That being said, there is a wasp on my bed room ceiling, and I am actually kind of concerned for my safety. The last time I was stung by a wasp, my leg swelled up like a cantaloupe and I was given a shot. The thing is 100 times smaller than that mouse, but it scares me, is that silly? I don't want to make it mad, but I don't want it to hurt my cats either. I will give an update later as to what I decide to do, but it made it very hard to sleep last night knowing it was still sitting in the same spot, so I will have to try to kill it soon.
My cats, by the way, are fine. We had a little scare with the food recall, since Iams is the food they eat, and I did come home one day to vomit and such all over the house. I didn't not know about the recall until after that happened, so I am happy to say, that I bought them different food, and they are all happy and healthy and obnoxious.

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