Saturday, March 31, 2007

yard update

it rained, and the grass grew four inches in a week! so I HAD to get a lawn mower. I really didn't want to spend $99 on a "cheap" one that didn't have a mulcher or anything. But, I didn't want to spend over $350 either. So, I did the smart thing and checked I had to drive an hour, (only $7 in gas) but I got a like-new Craftsman mulcher/mower, that is only missing the bag (but I didn't really want one anyway and can get a replacement at Sears). I got it for, drum-roll please.... $70! and a full tank of gas! And, I got to try it out, and several others as well, before I took it home, so I really got the one I wanted. I am glad that I got to do that as well, because I though that I wanted a self-propelled model, but when I tried them, I didn't like them.
I got about a third of my yard mowed this afternoon before it started raining. I am sweating like crazy, but it was so much fun!! Call me crazy, but I love sweating for a good reason. When we lived in Hawaii, I bought a $5 old-school rotary mower (you know, no engine). But that was a 10 by ten yard and took about 10 minutes to mow, or $5 to the neighbor kid, lol.
Anyway, sweating for a reason, ie yard work, housework, etc, is so much more fun than "working out". I mean, how much fun is it really to run in place for an hour? Be honest, now, its not much fun. But when you sweat doing manual labor, at the end you can stand back and say that you accomplished something more than just the loss of a pound or two.

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