Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring!!! Boing, Bounce, Clean???

Ok, so yesterday, I spent hours and hours outside, no hat (had Sun-In in my hair), no sunblock, and lots of sweat. The yard is begining to look better, but it's going to take much more work. The previous owners planted many things that were only good for a summer (is that annuals or perennials, neither word seems to fit?), and so there were many dead plants to pull up, and mulch to get rid of, and weeds to pull, and geesh, 5 big boxes of yard waste later, and I feel like I didn't do a thing. The neighbor (Lesa) says it looks much better, but its going to take some time. It felt good to sweat that much without being in a gym. Oh, by the way, I have lost 10 pounds and 8% body fat so far this month!!
Anyway, the whole neighborhood smells like onions. Somehow, chives are growing everywhere, making the runny babbits happy and making the rest of us nuts. And the more that people mow, the stronger the smell gets! Kinda smells like the whole neighborhood is having a chili cook off or something! I don't have a lawn mower yet, so, I am planning on weed-whacking the edges and then it will look like a high and tight military haircut, until I can get a lawn mower. I will post pictures of the yard when I am through, my Aunt Shirley says she has some starts I can have, and I am transplanting some Iris' that are clumped all over, as well as moving to rhododendron bushes, and planting several trees and bushes, and some more grass. Just think- That is just the front!!! The back is a catastrophe, with 2 big patches of dead grass where the former owners had a pool and a trampoline, and a fire pit that is full of garbage. The area where the pool was, is going to become an oasis, with a circular patio, and a pergola, and a fountain, and fire area (but not a pit). I will dig up the pit and plant grass seed in the rest of the yard (I would love to re sod, but that would be more than $2000. just for the back yard.)
I will try to post a sketch as soon as I have a working one.

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mjd said...

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for the visit to my revived blog. You must be quite tired from all the yard work. I am looking forward to your pictures.

Take care,